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World Peace and the Mighty Dragon

The 72 days face-off finally ended on 28th August followed by an expeditious disengagement. The show of diplomacy by Narendra Modi not only saved India from a war with China, but in fact averted a mass level continental war for regional supremacy. This article will not look into how the conflict started, but what is going on in the head of the mighty dragon after the stand-off ended in rapid disengagement of troops alongside the border.

China has a desire to become the warden of the East i.e. Asia, but with its conflicting ideologies and hidden political motives China is always seen as a bully rather than as a leader or a friend. China claims territories of 23 countries, even though it only has borders with 14, the total area of China’s claims on other countries exceeds the size of modern China itself, but Beijing refuses to budge on its claims of historical precedents. China is being criticised for its thirst for dominance, power and aggressive expansion of its territory to gain control over South China sea from which an estimated US$5 trillion worth of global trade passes, and despite the verdict of the arbitration tribunal constituted under Annex VII of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea(UNCLOS), China is not ready to back down. These 23 countries are constantly dominated by China’s military and financial might until Philippines moved a suit against China and won. This has started a chain of events of uprising against China’s dominance and its illegal encroachment over the territory of other countries, as the world has recently seen in the case with Bhutan. 

China is in fear of losing its dominance over the Asian countries; China cannot resort to any direct conflict at this moment because of its ambition to emerge as the next super power. Now, with India joining the fight for regional supremacy, backed by the United States, I believe China is running out of its tricks to dominate the Asian countries and more importantly its dire rival INDIA, but does this necessarily means that China has lost the fight?

China might have adopted a passive play in this fight to save its image in the international community, but in my submission China is not a country that will not  retaliate, it holds grudge and is waiting for the right time to strike and will definitely take revenge for the humiliation that it had to face because of India. The International community must stand together and take apt actions against such countries like China which exert dominance over countries that are incapable of protecting their own sovereignty. China has to realise that the world has moved ahead in time and it’s time for them to change their ideologies and believe in peaceful co-existence or else the war is imminent which will drag everyone to their doom.

Written By:
Kartik Doot
IV Year

The views and opinions expressed in the article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Blog.


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