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The ability to formulate your thoughts is something that everybody possess. However, it is the ability to put across your thoughts in such a manner that they appeal to those listening, is the gift of oration. Everybody is a speaker, but not everybody is an orator. 

The annual edition of the Intra-Institute Debate Competition was organized on the 15th of February, 2018. The debate was organized in two rounds with the first eliminations round being organized on the 13th February, open to the whole student body. The eliminations saw strong participation on the topic ‘Is Space Exploration Ethical’.

On the basis of the performance at the elimination rounds, 8 teams were chosen to participate in the final round organized on the 15th in the Multi-purpose Hall (MPH). These 8 teams were:

  1. Afreen & Nritika (II Year)
  2. Fury (IV Year) & Kainat (II Year)
  3. Sankalp & Arundhati (III Year)
  4. Trisha & Anshul (II Year)
  5. Vatsala & Tavish (V Year)
  6. Prateek & Sarthak (I Year)
  7. Ankit & Rajneesh (II Year)
  8. Omvir & Aaryan (II Year)
The final round saw the teams putting up well-structured arguments on the motion ‘Should Hindi be our National Language’. The participants discussed issues such as the demographic structure of the country, linguistic barriers, cultural and ethnic divide as well as market requirements and the need for a unifying force in the course of the competition.

What perhaps set the debate different and a notch above most other such competitions organized both inside and outside of the college, was the delivery of speeches by some of the participants in Hindi as well. What better way to debate a motion pertaining to the use of a language, than by doing so in said language? The discussion was invigorating and gave people plenty to think about, all the way from cultural consequences to constitutional provisions on the matter. The teams all gave a wonderful presentation and showed a positive competitive spirit.

The judges for the event were Prof. IS Ghuman (Department of English, Panjab University, Chandigarh) and Dr. Priya Anand (Practicing Advocate, Department of Law, Panjab University) Also gracing the occasion was Dr. Tejinder Kaur, Principal, Army Institute of Law.

The team comprising of Fury Jain & Kainat Singh was adjudged as the winners and awarded a cash prize of Rs. 3,500 along with the Maj. Gen PK Rampal Trophy, 22nd Infantry Division. The runners up were Ankit Malik & Rajneesh Kumar, who were also awarded a cash prize of Rs. 2,500. Finally, the Best Speaker award was claimed by Sankalp Chhajed with a cash prize of Rs. 750.


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